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4 March 2017


The 2017 Perfect Delivery/Bowls South Africa Inter-Districts’ Open, B and Senior Championships (20 sides in each division) for men and women run concurrently from March 13-17 in Cape Town, Uvongo and Pietermaritzburg respectively.

WPCC host the Open event in Cape Town; last year’s men’s medal winners were gold: WP, silver: Port Natal, bronze: Boland and EP; women: Johannesburg BA, Gauteng N, Southern Free State and Port Natal.

The B tournament is in Kingfisher district at Riverside BC, men’s medallist last year were JBA, Port Natal, WP and Boland; women Boland, Port Natal, WEP and JBA, while the Seniors play at Maritzburg BC where the holders are men JBA, Port Natal, Eden and EP; women Mpumalanga, Gauteng N, Ekurhuleni and JBA.

Open draw:

Men Blue Section: P Natal, NW, SFS, Border, Sables, Limpopo, Sedibeng, Natal Inland, KZN, Boland; Red Section: WP, Eden, Ekurhuleni, JBA, NC, Gauteng N, NFS, Kingfisher, Mpumalanga, EP. Women Blue: Gauteng N, KZN, WP, Eden, Ekurhuleni, Kingfisher, Border, NC, Sedibeng, P Natal; Red: JBA, Sables, Natal Inland, EP, NW, Mpumalanga, Boland, NFS, Limpopo, SFS.


Alan Peter Simmonds, Media Officer, Bowls South Africa (

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