Sheetal (Schneider) Cross is a South African Journalist, with an extensive print media portfolio, across all genres of news reporting for the Durban arm of Independent Newspapers, 2005 to date.

She currently writes one of the oldest sports columns in the country since 2015, known as SPORTMatters, for the renowned Sunday Tribune Newspaper. The column was previously known as SPORTFolio and at the time of the handover, was 31 years-old! The powerful platform which boasts a readership of about 300 000 per edition,  accorded the journalist an opportunity to highlight the achievements of women in sport and create awareness around various unsung athletes. In some cases, the media exposure created sponsorship opportunities for the underprivileged heroes, who had excelled at their sport, with little or no financial support. 



Media Award Nominations

In 2016, owing to her long-standing commitment to such feature stories, Sheetal was a finalist in the category Women in Print Media, at the GSport Awards, Johannesburg. The televised ceremony viewed by millions of South Africans was created and hosted by Kass Naidoo, through her phenomenal organisation; Girl Sport. 

TV Presenter

Two years earlier, Sheetal presented a show called Trace Sports Stars international, whose televised series was featured in approximately 132 countries! Episodes can still be seen locally in South Africa, on DSTV.  

Namibia and New Zealand

In 2007, Sheetal lived and worked throughout Namibia, as an assistant facilitator on a multi-million Rand cultural diversity and communication programme, training employees of NAMDEB (Namiba/De Beers); diamond mining company. 

Sheetal has also lived in various cities throughout the North Island of New Zealand as a freelance journalist, 2008 -2009. During this time, she gained valuable international media experience, from Dutch-born American author, Dr. Jeannette Vos.  Vos's PHD thesis turned bestseller, The Learning Revolution, sold millions of copies worldwide! In Sheetal's capacity as media assistant to Dr. Vos, Sheetal enjoyed book writing experiences, research and being trained in all aspects of health. 


In 2016 and 2018, Sheetal was invited to teach NEW MEDIA III at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), Durban. In addition, she is currently completing her MJOURN / Masters Degree in Journalism at the same institute, with a view to concluding the course this year (2019). 

Business venture - Titanium Media South Africa (TMSA) Pty LTD

Titanium Media South Africa (TMSA) was established by Sheetal last year, who identified a need for Entrepreneurial Media Empowerment Programmes, arising from new media trends. In order to facilitate that need, she established TITANIUM MEDIA SOUTH AFRICA (TMSA), which is: 

  • 100 % Women-owned 
  • 135 % Procurement Recognised business 
  • BBB-EE, LEVEL 1 - Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) status

The AIM of TMSA is to guide Entrepreneurs, Non-Profit Organisations, SMME’s, Corporates and Business Owners, on how to navigate the mammoth media industry. TMSA operates on the belief that a business is more likely to succeed when the driver has access to resources, as well as genuine, credible and factual information. Our aim, through seminars and private media training, is to provide affordable knowledge sharing opportunities. To achieve this, TMSA has partnered with industry specialist, Olivia Jones Symcox from OJC Communications (

TMSA's OBJECTIVE is simply to educate, empower and facilitate sustainable change at any level of growth, through the provision of imperative and effective media, language and communication skills. You can visit for more info on seminars, full day media training and other media related resources. 

If you have a newsworthy story, simply e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or submit your information through the CONTACT page.

All information is considered and treated as private and confidential. Sources remain anonymous unless otherwise requested.


“If you live your life with purpose, the true purpose of your life will come to you”

– Sheetal Schneider Cross