December 31, 2019

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Vector Consulting, in partnership with the Congress of Business and Economics (CBE),is hosting its second international conference,entitled The Dynamics of Succession in Family-Owned Businesses. This informative event will be heldon 7 March 2020 at The Palm Continental Hotel, Johannesburg.

Led by renowned businessman and author, Ahmed Seedat, the aim of this conference is to address key concerns and challenges in Southern Africa regarding the blurred lines of control within family-owned businesses. The conference will also address issues around the lack of structure and governance; the impact of generational conflict, as well as how to grow shareholder value within family-owned businesses, among other agenda items.

“I belonged to a family business growing up and noticed the dynamics of both success and failure,” explained Seedat, “I have identified many avoidable trends that negatively impact successful businesses, creating a downward spiral. In an economy that cannot afford a higher unemployment rate and knowing that increased entrepreneurship supports employment growth, I wanted to share practical tools to uplift business owners and members of family-owned businesses. Theobjectiveistohelpthemunderstandalltheunderlyingfactorsthathaveabearingontheirdailychallenges,” said Seedat.

The keynote speaker for this year’s conference is Marius Ungerer, a professor and core faculty member at the University of Stellenbosch (USB). He currently teaches Strategic Management, Leadership and Change Management programmes such as the MBA, MPhil in Management Coaching, and PGD in Leadership at the institute.

Since 2009, Professor Ungerer has served as an annual visiting professor at the NUCB Business School’s International MBA Programme based in Nagoya, Japan, and was a visiting faculty member of the University of Johannesburg from 2011 to 2016.  His publications include 11 co-authored books, 21 peer-reviewed journal publications and 20 publications in popular business magazines. He completed a BAdmin (1978) and an Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch in 1980; an MCom (1986) and a DCom (2004) at the University of Johannesburg (formerly RAU); and an MBA (1984) at Potchefstroom University.

The niche topic of family-owned businesses and succession has not been sufficiently addressed in open public settings and will finally accord attendees, who wish to increase their success rate within this sector, access to expert advice on the subject.

“Partnering with Vector Consulting on this very important seminar, which focuses on the ‘perennial’ problem of family business succession, the Congress of Business and Economics recognises the importance of succession, especially in the current economic climate,” said Executive Director of the Congress of Business and Economics (CBE), Yusuf Moosajee.

“There is an urgent need to connect and mobilise family business leaders in their capacity as a driving force of, and a major contributor to, the global economy,” he continued. “Smart succession planning is important in that the transition has to be relatively smooth to ensure the company sustains its progress. The problem is that few family business owners are equipped to turn their enterprise over to the next generation,” he added.

Ahmed Seedat has a strong academic and entrepreneurial background, with his expertise in the subject spanning three decades. He currently holds a Diploma/Certificate in Management, as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degreeexploring the same topic. Drawing on this experience, he has authored two renowned books on the subject called, Profits Progeny Politics on the Challenges and How to Overcome Challenges in Family-Owned Businesses (2017). His recent follow-up edition is entitled, The Dynamics of Succession in Family-Owned Businesses (2019).


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BACKGROUND: Vector is an international organisation and development consultancy, assisting companies to achieve their goals by realigning the company culture with business processes. Ahmed’s speciality is in Leadership and Management Training as welll as Mentoring Directors of companies. Ahmed has conducted numerous workshops/talks in Africa; Asia and throughout South Africa. His topics range from Understanding your Business, Strategic Vision, Moving from Efficiency to Effectiveness to Excellence, From Information to Transformation, Inspiring Business Leaders, and Family Business Dynamics. He is a regular guest on National and Community Radio Stations.  

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